Stealth Refuel Mg – Anti Cramp & Electrolyte Boost


Bite back at those pesky muscle cramps and prevent them from restricting your active lifestyle or your endurance performance! By helping you stay hydrated, this anti-cramp and electrolyte boost could both prevent and relieve muscle cramps. Armed with magnesium, calcium and potassium, which are the main electrolytes required for the prevention and relief of muscle cramps, Stealth Refuel MG may help you keep performing at your peak for longer*.

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Combine stealth refuel mg with a carbohydrate drink for it to be absorbed in your body faster than mixed with just water alone, this makes it a fast, effective way to help you replace the electrolytes you lose during races, tuff workouts or any exercise where you are pushing your limits and are pouring with sweat. Stealth Refuel MG is also ideal for the prevention and relief of night cramps, bringing the fight to those pesky cramps for a peaceful night’s rest.

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