Stealth Refuel – Hydration & Electrolyte Boost


When the pace is set for the road ahead, your muscles need the best hydration they can get! Fluid-loss of a mere 2% of your body weight, due to dehydration, can reduce your performance by 10 – 20%, so keep well-hydrated with Stealth Refuel, to help you perform at your best for longer.

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Armed with sodium, to help retain fluids and restore the electrolytes burned up during tough races, heavy workouts or any time you sweat buckets, this hydrator and electrolyte boost may help you rehydrate rapidly. By providing glucose for your body’s immediate energy needs, Stealth Refuel could deliver a more sustained energy to keep you going when the going gets tough. With magnesium, calcium and potassium also in the mix, it may also provide some assistance with muscle cramp prevention*.

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