Stealth Nitros – Accelerating Pre-workout


This Preworkout combines powerful ingredients to maximise performance. increases energy and focus. contains Beta alanine to decrease fatigue during exercise giving you more reps out of your workout. BCAA to reduce muscle breakdown, and Taurine to stimulate Nerve repair and growth. Band substance tested. This preworkout is 100% NZ made and trusted.

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When you’re about to hit the gym, the track or the field, and you’re in need of that extra charge to stay motivated and focused, then turn on the taps with Stealth Nitros for an extra boost and make your workout count. Stealth Nitros contains a powerful mix of Creatine, Beta-Alanine, BCAA’s, Taurine and Caffeine to give you that added push when you need it most*.

NOTE: If you are looking for something a lot stronger that will really knock your socks off and push your energy and strength into overdrive, then take a look at Stealth NITROS X pre-workout.

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