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PRO75 Advanced Whey Protein is Raisey’s best selling protein product and our “go to” protein that ticks most boxes. If you are looking for an all-purpose protein powder for building muscle, helping with recovery and getting your daily protein requirements, PRO75 is a great place to start. It’s so naturally creamy and delicious once you try it you’ll be hooked! Protein is essential for muscle growth and maintenance, and Raisey’s PRO75 utilizes the benefits of both Whey Protein Concentrate and Milk Protein Isolate in its formula. WPC providing rapidly absorbed protein to catch that anabolic window after your workout and MPI providing a sustained absorption of protein and to help keep you feeling fuller for longer.

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This means that PRO75 is ideal for both your post workout shake or as a healthy snack during the day. Being New Zealand made is something we are extremely proud of here at Raisey’s. We all know we live in a little slice of paradise here in New Zealand and we know our home grown protein ingredients are the world’s best. Why use anything else? The Whey Protein in Raisey’s PRO75 is from grass-fed cows (is there any other?) that freely roam our lush pasturelands. We wouldn’t use anything else! We started Raisey’s in typical Kiwi fashion… in the family kitchen, then to the basement, then on from there to the point now where we have our own purpose built manufacturing facility. Raisey’s is not a corporate entity or a multi-national conglomerate, but a classic family business born of people following their passions and dreams and putting their skills and talents to good use.

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